Is the OIC a terrorist organization?

Dutch Newspaper Volkskrant reports that’s the secretary general of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) has issued threats (NL) to Dutch foreign minister Verhagen. If the Dutch government does allow Geert Wilders to releases his Islam critical film Fitna, serious repercussions will follow. The OIC is of course a very influential Muslim organization that represents the Moslim countries. Threat from this body should not be taken lightly. This could actually be a first step in what might be called a foreign policy test of the Islamic body. A test to see what happens if a European country faces a harsh intervention in it’s internal affairs. A formal follow up on the quite effective campaign Danish Imams organized against Denmark, an event that became known to the world as the cartoon riots.

In support of the Jihad, the spread and protection of Islamic values in Europe, the OIC has started a monthly Islamophobia report. In it’s very first February issue it especially targets ‘The Netherlands’ as a specific problem area. The report does not only focus on perceived problems of Islamophobia but also on the responses in these countries, offering context for tactics. The report for example cites an EU body that warns for the rise of Islamophobia is The Netherlands caused by Geert Wilders. And also hopefully writes about a Green party initiatives to protect the Islamic faith against criticism. Noteworthy is also the positive citation of a close friend of the Dutch Royal Queen Beatrix, the Dutch writer Geert Mak.

In the IOC Islamophobia report it’s also described how much the Dutch government fears Islamic protests and how they try to stop Geert Wilders. But clearly there efforts are not enough. They still are not prepared to censor Islam critical speech in The Netherlands. Reading the report, one could might get the impression that the Jihadist effort is close to a victory. Maybe if the Dutch are terrorizing a bit further, they might fall in line. It worked in Spain, why not Holland? Didn’t prime minister Balkenende already said that it’s Wilders who is to blame for any terror strike against the country if he releases the film? One can only hope the OIC still thinks a strike might actually backfire on the Islamic community in my country.

Anyway the Dutch government last week raised the terrorism alert level from medium to substantial. A direct result of the spineless policies of that same government. They don’t seem to realize that if you don’t stand firm in defense for your own values, if you’re not willing to pay the price for you’re freedom, you become a magnet for those who are willing to promote their values violently.

But that is not to say the cowardly acting Dutch government is totally in the dark about what’s on it’s path. Quite the contrary, they seem to have opportunistically and naively stirred up the Muslim rage, in a ploy to discredit the fast rising political star named Geert Wilders. But so far, the Dutch public have not reacted as receptive, as they did when the government drove Ayaan Hirsi Ali out of the country. But that might change when an actual attack hits our country. They might even get away with blaming Geert Wilders for it. The Dutch government has already put together a legal research team for investigating the possibilities for going after Wilders.

But who knows if this ploy is going to work out as intended? Thus the Dutch government is now seeking support from other European countries. They don’t want to be left bungling and isolated as Denmark during it’s intervention in it’s domestic affairs by Islamic countries. During that time the EU did not stood together while Denmark faced illegal boycotts and attacks on it’s foreign interests.

Prime minister Balkenende thus raised the issue with the other EU members. He wanted them to offer support in case of trouble. He claims he got EU wide support, but no public statements was offered by the EU. The EU seems divided on the issue of freedom of speech and how to answer domestic interventions by Islamic countries. In answer to Balkenende his request former Danish socialist prime minister Rasmussen for example said this was not an EU issue: “freedom of speech is not meant to be used to insult others.”

To be continued…

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