Proof: Knowledge about Islam creates Islamophobia

Knowledge is Power
A just published opinion poll (NL) showed that the Dutch are quite knowledgeable about Islam. 98% of the Dutch know that Muslims celebrate the Ramadan after they have fasted for a month. 70% know that their holy day is Friday, although nearly 25% think it’s Saturday. 75% know that Mohammed was Islam’s last messenger of God instead of the son of God. Arabist Jan-Jaap de Ruiter is impressed by these findings and said the pole proofs that Dutch people now know a lot more about Islam then in the past.

But apparently the more they come to know about it, the more they start to oppose it. Islam critical Party For Freedom of Geert Wilders is growing as fast as knowledge is spreading. The opinion pole showed that the PVV voters where the most knowledgeable group about Islam. They had a 100% score on all Islam related questions. Although they scored lower on Christian knowledge.

Scoring 100% on Islam knowledge thus not deter people from agreeing with Wilders when he says that the Koran is a fascistic book that encourages violence. Thus knowledge about Islam leads to Islamophobia.

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