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You have people who still think that the "aggiornamento" of the sixties was a step in the right direction and you have people, like Dutch writer Gerard van het Reve, who have equated it to "liturgical and cultural vandalism".

When being progressive, elitist as well as a "soixante-huitard" (a baby-boomer) coincide, then you have [three] excellent "markers" that qualify someone for membership of todays "useful idiots"-club when it comes to the new political monstrum of Sharia-Socialism.

When looking for real, lasting opposition with any chance of succeeding, one must look for conservatism or better: traditionalism and what's left of it. And that will not be found in some French-type of separation between State and Religion, which places citizens at the mercy of a centralized state like some "enlightened" secularists still dream of, but in decentralized "pockets of resistance".

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