Rumour: Fitna release 28 March 2008

Fitna the movieDutch press reports that Wilders wants to announce his Islam critical film Fitna the 28th of March. Sources at well known press center Nieuwspoort (Den Haag) said Wilders has made a reservation for the day. But it’s not yet clear if Nieuwspoort wants to host the event.

It is said that directors Joop Atsma (CDA) and Max van Wezel have political reasons to boycot Wilders. BTW press center Nieuwspoort did today host a press conference of a Muslim NGO that announced it's plans to prosecute Wilders.

After an hours long meeting, the directors of press center Nieuwspoort descided not to boycot Wilders. Director Max van Weezel says he talked to Tjibbe Joustra, the National Coordinator for anti-terrorism, who was not opposed to Wilders his request. Rumour is that other users and also sponsors of the press center had opposed the press conference of Wilders. But it remains unclear which political party or parties opposed it.

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