Rumour: Release of Fitna is imminent

Fitna the movie (Geert Wilders, Party for Freedom)

Dutch biggest weblog has a reputation for breaking big Dutch stories. They now claim to have an inside source who says the release of Geert Wilders his Islam critical film Fitna is imminent (NL).

Wilders earlier planned to release the film on Television. But the Dutch governments lobby prevented any TV station to broadcast the 10 minute film. Then Wilders planned to release Fitna on March 28th during a press conference. But the press center now wants 400.000 euro from Geert Wilders, claiming they need it for months long protection of the center. Now Wilders plans to release Fitna without a press conference on the Internet.

According to the same Dutch weblog,, the police got a code red and is told to prepared for possible riots. The weblog also claim that police and Wilders had daily contact about the film. But that Wilders canceled the meetings. Not something that would be very illogical, all the governmental services seems to use the information they get only to obstruct his film instead of securing the freedom of expression in The Netherlands.

Update: In an interview (NL) in news paper NRC today, the socialist interior minister Terhorst accused Geert Wilders of destabilizing the country. In an other news paper article it was reported that she is investigating the financing of Geert Wilders his political movement (NL). The justice department had already a big investigation running to find out how they can prosecute Wilders for his opinions.

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