Sometimes the news is too close for comfort

It is a feature of news items that they tend to be received as background noise, stuff that goes on with no real bearing on ones personal life. And sometimes a news story shows up to be significantly closer then the usual six degrees of separation.

I am referring to the indescribably barbaric act that was perpetrated in Jerusalem last Thursday, in which a terrorist walked into a Jewish school in Jerusalem and opened fire in a library full of students, who were sitting and studying, killing eight and wounding ten students.

Fellow blogger and long-time friend of Klein Verzet, Esther of Islam in Europe, knew one of the victims . And is understandably upset, not only by this atrocity, but also by the worlds reaction: Not even the Security Council of the UN could find in itself the simple humanity to roundly condemn this act of cold-blooded massmurder. And if anyone so much as even thinks about 'the other side of the story', here it is: Family of Jerusalem School Terrorist: We Are Proud & Happy.

Esther has promised to convey messages of condolence and consolation to the her acquaintance' family, so head on over.

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