The ultimate conclusion

... from the current Wilders/Fitna drama is drawn by Josée van Iersel on Hoeiboei (NL).
Fitna will not be shown on TV in the Netherlands, and through the governments demand that Wilders' PVV shoulder the cost of secutity of "De Nieuwspoort" a public screening in the Netherlands will in all likelihood not happen.

Well, fellow Lowlanders - as of today it has become officially impossible to show a film critical of islam anywhere in the Netherlands.

As of today anyone who dares to nonetheless will be an outlaw - the Dutch government has officially confirmed that she no longer will garantee the inviolability of her inhabitants, when and if they argue, show or fight that which foreigners want to be left unknown and uncontroversial for the sake of their ideology. An ideology no Netherlander needs, an ideology which they unanimously abhor and which they would show no respect whatsoever were they to take the trouble of educating themselves about it and not follow blindly the mendacious cliches used by the bien pensant to close the matter.


As of today the highest authority is not the people of the Netherlands by way of a mandated Government, but it is the international ummah...

We have become a de facto integral part of the islamic world, because in allowing islam to force us into unheard of and inconvenient caution - that would only be justified in a case of open war - and because of dispicable and ignorant cowardice we have handed them what sovereignty we had left. And there'll be no-one who will lose any sleep over this tonight.

Mohammed über alles... and the West is his slave.
And that, as they say, is that.

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