Dutch Prime Minister: “Islam is the problem”

The political landscape in The Netherlands is changing. Yesterday in the debate about Fitna the Dutch Prime Minster Balkenende could remarkably be heard praising the Islam critical film Obsession and now tomorrow Dutch conservative weekly magazine Opinio publishes an article under the title: “The secret speech of the Dutch prime minister” (it’s already available on their website):

Last Sunday there was a secret meeting of thirty prominent Christian Democratic party members. At this meeting [Prime Minister] Jan Peter Balkenende gave a remarkable speech. He spoke openly about Islam and the need for a party vision. What follows is a short translation of the speech as published in Opinio:

“We need to change course”, says the Prime Minister. “Last months we have been held hostage by Geert Wilders. We have maneuvered ourselves in a position from which we could not escape”. And describes how Obahama his Philadelphia speech inspired him. Just like Obahama, he wants to become honest and name problems:

what’s the big problem? I will say it head on: the big problem is Islam. That’s right, I don’t say: radical Islam or Islamic terrorism or fundamentalism in general. No, I say: the big problem is Islam

He wants the group and the party’s research center to work on coherent vision on Islam and present the results next month. A lack of vision about Islam made them vulnerable for Geert Wilders. Thus the Prime Minister now rejects the mantra’s of dialog, freedom of religion, the difference between radical Islam and Islam:

We can not and should no longer say it’s all the same. Bible and Koran, all the same. No it’s not! We should reject that cowardly comparison.”

And demonstrates to the audience the difference between the Koranic and Biblical story of Job. After that the Prime Minister concludes that the Koran is shallow and just demands submission.

Balkenende also describes his political scenario for the coming months. The first scenario is a war plan to attack Geert Wilders, to be executed together with Justice minister Hirsh Ballin. The second scenario is to roll out their new vision. Neither the liberal party nor the socialist can develop a vision on religion he thinks. But:

We can. We can say there is a big difference between Jesus and Mohammed. Both prophets. But Mohammed was also a general and conqueror. Someone who raised hell in Mekka. Also a person with a love life – if all stories are correct – that’s not very respectable.
You know I don’t like to emphasize differences. I rather look for the common ground. But we constantly looked for common ground in the dialog with Muslims. But tell me: has a Muslims ever asked you about the trinity? Or about the holy spirit? I think it’s very much a one-way street. Why are we so shy? Why do we lack self-confidence?
I tell you: now is the time to demonstrate we are Christians. I say this from the bottom of my hart. It’s needed. It’s more than needed. Why can’t we be proud on Christianity?

I say: we need to be proud on Christianity”.

Prime Minister Balkenende denies the speech and has threatened to go to court about it. But rumor has it, that the speech has been recorded.

Today was the trial and magazine Opinio defended the article as being a parody, a satire (NL). One can only wonder what’s left of the reputation of The Netherlands only slightly conservative magazine. I guess, in Holland conservatism is hardly more than a parody.

The courts however ruled in favor of Opinio. The magazine does not have to rectify the article. The courts also rejected Balkenende his claim that: "the behavior of Opinio can be compared with somebody who throws a cigarette in shop full of fireworks".

The moderately conservative magazine Opinio is the only of it's kind in The Netherlands. Thus mainstream politicians like the Christian Democrats deem it extreme right. Former Philips CEO Roel Pieper, who as a former TANDEM CEO came back from the United States, is the financier and owner of the magazine. Pieper, having experienced the United States did not like what he found when he returned to The Netherlands and became politically active. But last week Pieper announced he has left the country for good.

The government has released the 'mentally disturbed' leftwing radical who forced him self in the house of the Pieper family in 2003 and stabbed both him and his wife. Pieper's wife was stabbed 10 times by the politically motivated intruder. She was stabbed, in the neck, chest and back and nearly died. Now, not yet 5 five years later, the government has already released the political killer, without informing the Pieper family. That was just too much for the Pieper family, who has now decided to leave the country for good. The Netherlands does not protect its citizens they say.

But now after Opinion has published the satirical 'secret speech' the government could not get banned, the government wants revenge. And it's attack machine does not stop where it’s constitutional power end. Thus the state informed the press about private tax information of the former Philips CEO. Who like all CEO’s coming from a broad receives a big tax reduction. The government now informs the Dutch public about the tax reduction and says the 'real' reason is, not the near dead of his wife, but because they revoked the tax break (NL) of their political opponent...

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A_levy zei

do u know that the muslims and islam in general will be the followerrs of the antichrist? look at the koran at the end of days and look the bible . they will worship the antichrist as the mesias and we we know that he is the antichrist.they will kill christians becuase will nt submit to islam and the antichrist, its all there in the corran and the bible .. wake up the time is coming and they the islam is waiting for their mesia (antichrist)and we in the holy bible we are waiting for the bist.open the bible open the korran its the same at the end of days the difference is their so called mesia which is the devil through their leader the antichrist ,and as the christians the becoming of the antichrist at the end of days..go to antichrist and islam and read ..we christians have to wake up islam is devil its all so clear . i hope the prime minister gets this mesage

A--- zei

Your argument is too flawed and you’re full of air. You’re saying something without even backing it up. What sort of nonsense’s is that? You say that your an Christian and advice the public readers to “open the bible” But yet you insulting another Religion. I’m sure within the bible it says not to insult any other religions. And yet you still do so.

I feel sorry for you for whoever you are! Trying to support a sad campaign that is full of bunch of anti-Islamism. They feel the need to “change” something, which is just a total lie and hide behind the title of “Islam is the problem”! They only wish to have a taste of desperate fame.

You talk about the Antichrist and yet you still haven’t done any research upon the Islamic side. If you are going to argue please do your researches before you speak.

Lastly if you are going to bring out an argument to the table next time bring facts! Instead of your irrelevant thoughts.

DP111 zei

It seems to me that PM Balkenende is not really concerned
about Islam, but the fact that Wilders has out manoeuvred him on Islam. It is
for this reason that he is asking for a policy document on Islam to confront
Wilder's PVV.


It is also telling that though Balkenende acknowledges a
difference between Jesus Christ and Muhammed, he refers both as being prophets.
In other words, he accepts the premise of Muslims that Jesus Christ was a mortal
man like any other. In fact, the central premise of the founding faith of our
civilisation is that Jesus Christ was, and is God incarnate.

But I'm being unduly harsh on Balkanende. He is a politician, and he will do what is necessary to survive politically. 


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