Fitna trial: Saladin vs Geert Wilders

In the film Fitna the photo of Mohammed Bouyeri, the murderer of Theo van Gogh, was mixed up with a photo of a Dutch Islamic rapper Salah Edin (a.k.a. Abid Tounssi). How was this possible? Well they look very, very much a like:

Salah Edin as Mohammed BouyeriMohammed Bouyeri

Why they look so much the same? Well they think the same. Rapper, Salah Edin, who’s artist name refers to the anti crusader muslim general Saladin, thinks Bin Laden has balls of steel, denies the holocaust and thinks terrorist Mohammed Bouyeri is a hero (NL).

Salah Edin also made rap song to celebrate his hero Bouyeri. That song was again turned in a video clip that was funded by the Dutch government (NL). The song is named “The country of” and is an indictment of The Netherlands. Some quotes: “a country full Muslim haters”, “a country build up by our [muslim] fathers”, “a country that sees us [muslims] as a danger and terrorists”, “a country grown rich by exploiting slaves” and on and on it goes.

The Netherlands, he raps, is country that claims to have respect for woman. To illustrate this point Salah Edin shows in the clip how a sweet little Dutch girl transforms into a prostitute. We also see how Salah Edin himself, rapping about how bad the Dutch are, transforms into his hero Mohammed Bouyeri.

I can understand the riots in France. We [muslims] call that it a battle, just like you do, country of colonization and now liberation, that’s how you can compare it. Country of hypocrites and parasites”.

The clip ends with the murder on Theo van Gogh and an audio recording of Ayaan Hirsi Ali. The song is also released on CD and on the cover he also looks exactly like the terrorist Mohammed Bouyeri. Who btw is very popular with the Islamic youth and who are his most likely customers.

In 2007 it was Salah Edin who had send around his photo look-a-like as Mohammed Bouyeri when he was promoting his CD in Dutch media. Then it was also mixed up with the real Mohamed Bouyeri and Dutch newspaper DAG used it in a publication. They newspaper rectified the story. Geert Wilders also removed his picture from the Fitna film but Salah Edin wants 25.000 euro financial compensation from Geert Wilders. He has gone to the court claiming that he now against his will is associated with murder, extremism and terrorism.

On MSN Music video’s a video (NL) from Novum TV can be seen in which the rapper wears a Hezballah T-shirt and is also commenting on, the then still unreleased, Fitna film. Salah Edin is shown in the clip giving Geert Wilders two middle fingers while he says: “Geert Wilders, better watch out what you’re doing, you can do what you want, but stay alert, you will face the consequences, maybe not a bullet through you’re head but certainly two through you’re knee caps.”

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