Fjordman Files: April updates

[27 - 4] On Dhimmi Watch: Socratic Dialogue vs. Islamic Dialogue.

[16 - 4] Two for the price of one, today.
  1. In Sweden steps are taken to criminilize bloggers not toeing the party line: Sweden’s Press Ombudsman Wants to Prosecute Bloggers.
  2. Over at Atlas Shrugs, Fjordman extensively reviews Defending the West: A Critique of Edward Said's Orientalism by Ibn Warraq: Fjordman reviews Warraq. Although the title doesn't betray it, there is some very good stuff in there. Heartily recommended!

[8 - 4]
Fjordman takes a closer look at the more humorous aspects of islam, as revealed in the aHadeeth. Yes, there are, even if they're unintentionally so (apparently... Some of this stuff is just too outlandish to be meant seriously): The Funny Side of Islam: Muhammad and the Hadith.

[8 - 4]
Fjordman has read something on EUObserver which leads him to conclude: The EUSSR Grows Bolder.

[7 - 4]
In The Brussels Journal Fjordman argues for the establishment of a movement to defend the European peoples against the onslaught of the grand social enginieering project theat is the EUnion: Creating a European Indigenous People’s Movement.

[6 - 4]
In the wake of the release of Fitna and the UN's utterly ridiculous (and one is inclined to say: disproportionate) reaction to its release, Fjordman hammers another nail into the UN's coffin: Boycott the United Nations!

Socratic Dialogue vs. Islamic Dialogue
Fjordman reviews Warraq
Sweden’s Press Ombudsman Wants to Prosecute Bloggers
The Funny Side of Islam: Muhammad and the Hadith
The EUSSR Grows Bolder
Creating a European Indigenous People’s Movement
Boycott the United Nations!
Totalitarian Sweden
European Leaders Agree to Create Eurabia
The Truth About Islam in Europe
The Muslim Brotherhood's Infiltration of the West
The European Union and the Islamization of Europe
The West, Japan, and Cultural Secondarity
An Open Letter to Expo and the Expressen Newspaper
Regarding the Detractors of Vlaams Belang

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