Food riots in Egypt

As far as I am aware this has not made it prominently into the MSM headlines: Egypt is seeing the worst rioting in around 50 years. The riots are cause by the surge in food prices, though in the case of Egypt long festering dissatisfaction with the government is providing much of the fuel.

Gateway Pundit has the key points to bring you up to speed. Sandmonkey is on top of this story, reporting 'live' from Egypt.
The Mhalla riots are going into their second strong day. 50,000 people are rioting. The police is shooting tear gas, rubber bullets, you name it, and IT'S NOT WORKING. The demonstrators were originally only like 2000-3000, but the government crackdown forced the people on the street. And until today, it's a War Zone.
Why is this important?, you may wonder. Well, these riots seem to be the first physical manifestation of the commodity price surge we wrote about in February. For more background I refer to EU Referendum, who has been tracking this particular storm since the summer of last year. Start here and follow the links, and the links in the links.

I may be getting a little too paranoid for my age, but I get the feeling the Egypt riots are consciously kept quiet in the EUnion MSM. First, it draws attention to a crisis, a real crisis, in which the EUnion has played a very dubious role. Second, it may well harm the EUnions credibility when their proposed cure for an imaginary crisis, is recognized for what it is: A cure with which the EUnion hopes to establish itself in control of your personal life and put vast amounts of industrial money onto its insatiable coffers. But also a cure that is far, far worse, economically, then the ailment it was supposed to remedy: Man-made Global Warming, a phenomenon which we will not experience for the 10th consecutive year.

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