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Posting remains light to non-existant, as the KV household is preparing to move house yet again. Our sincere apologies for the lack of activity. It is our hope that regular posting will pick up again in a few weeks.

Untill then I heartily recommend visiting our colleagues and friends listed in the blogroll to stay up to date with news that the Dutch and European authorities and MSM rather wish you didn't know.

In the mean time, this will become 'the linkage post to end all linkage posts' here on KV. Untill such time that I have the time and energy to do some proper posting, I will put up links here to stories and posts that I think merit wider attention (newest links on top). If you have a link that you think is relevant, leave it in the comments.

Gates of Vienna: Where Is Europe Headed?

Online documentary (55 min.): Al-Durah Affair Examined (a.k.a. Three Bullets and a Dead Child) (h/t The Jawa Report)

Pajamas Media versus Gates of Vienna: On Genocide, Free Thought and the Healing Profession

Lord Christopher Monckton: EU’s Lisbon Treaty Means Dictatorship

Quarter of Rotterdam Turks [and Moroccans] Marry Relatives

Saudi Arabia: Two reporters to be beheaded for suggesting other religions deserve respect

May 68: An Empty Legacy

The Food Crisis: One reason for crunch in foodstuffs: Politics

Bruce Bawer: An Anatomy of Surrender

Nehud Salim - Islamization crept in a long time ago [in the Netherlands] (h/t Islam in Europe)

Climate Change: The Ice-Age Cometh

EUReferendum on the Food Crisis: The real crisis is yet to come - Part 1
EUReferendum on the Food Crisis: The real crisis is yet to come - Part 2

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