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Real Life (tm) is yet again intruding on our blogging duties. This means posting is a little light at the moment, for which we apologize.

As a meager alternative, here are some links to stories we found interesting enough to draw your attention to, even if we don't have the time to properly blog them.

First off, in stark contrast to the Dutch church leadership, christian youth seem to be well aware of the danger that islam poses to Western Civ.

On Brussels Journal a couple of infuriating items with regard to the Eunion:
  1. Hans-Gert Pöttering, the President of the European Parliament does not accept equating islam to terrorism. Robert Spencer has some comments.
  2. Completely hidden from view: The Lisbon treaty contains a capital punishment provision, stating there is no death penalty in the EUnion "except in the case of war, riots, upheaval". Pretty much meaning: In the case of people violently rejecting the EUnions 'post-democracy'.
  3. Ireland, the only EUnion member to hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, will see a concerted effort by the EUnion to manipulate a desired outcome, up to and including halting EUnion initiatives 'that might be unhelpful'.

Via Blue Crab Boulevard: The surge in food prices in graphics. Worrying stuff.

On Gates of Vienna, Dutch GoV correspondent Sagunto tells the world a little more about our brav, intrepid PM: Balkenende Will Not Be Mocked. They also have a handy table of Fitna downloads.

While the uprising in Basra by Shiite insurgents in the last week received ample MSM attention (gloating over the perceived US 'failure'), no news is forthcoming about the quelling of that uprising. Or the ignominous defeat the Iranians (who were behind it) suffered in the process. In From the Cold takes a closer look. The Belmont Club has more.

And the beat goes on...

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