Cooling means we're heating up

Inevitably the news that 'global warming' is taking a break for the coming decade or so, was met with a response from the environmentalist camp to not start counting our blessings yet.

In The Telegraph we have Charles Clover telling us that us 'ordinary people' (yes, he really writes that) have a too simple-minded notion when we think that
global warming is the world getting hotter - average temperatures rising.
The reason for that is that we seem to have underestimated the long-term variability of the ocean conveyor, the deep currents, which bring warm water from the Equator north in both Atlantic and Pacific. The weakening of those currents, over a 70-80 year cycle, makes the northern hemisphere cooler. A weakening can be expected over the next decade.

What scientists mean by global warming, though, is the sun's radiation being trapped near the Earth's surface by greenhouse gases. This has been going on for millions of years and is now happening at a faster rate thanks to rising emissions of fossil fuels. Clearly what scientists call global warming will continue through this decade.
But this is the point to the whole discussion, isn't it? If the sun gives of less energy (indications of which there are plenty) there's also less of it to 'trap'. Essentially, what Clover is trying to tell us is that the sun regulates our climate but we should keep worrying about anthropogenic CO2. A brain tumor causes head-aches, so we should horde our ibuprofen. That kind of logic.

But if you want to get a real sense of the strange twists and turns the believers need to uphold their world view, you should head here.

Here is Centre for Science and Technology Policy Research blog, which has a Richard Woods, reviewing a Nature paper showing global cooling, state that a drop in temperature
"temporarily offset the longer-term warming trend from increasing levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere", and this would not be inconsistent with predictions of longer-term global warming.
Which leads the author of the blog, Roger Pielke jr. to conclude that
when I look at the broader significance of the paper what I see is that there is in fact nothing that can be observed in the climate system that would be inconsistent with climate model predictions. If global cooling over the next few decades is consistent with model predictions, then so too is pretty much anything and everything under the sun.

This means that from a practical standpoint climate models are of no practical use beyond providing some intellectual authority in the promotional battle over global climate policy.
A theory explaining everything explains nothing, as my philosophy professor was wont to say.

Note: The picture accompanying this post was shamelessly pilfered off of EU Referendum who are also covering the 'back lash' against the green narrative falling apart. Something to do with 'one picture' vs. 'a thousand words', you know?

[UPDATE001 Sun 4 - 5] Christopher Booker pulls everythig together in Watch the web for climate change truths.

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