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Mayor Cohen the last whore of Amsterdam (by Gregorious Nekschot)In Holland people have to fear for their lives when they criticize Islam. Some live in fear. Some get permanent security. Others are forced to leave the country. And others don't worry any more. But so far the Dutch government has done little to stop the extremists who limit our freedom of expression. No hate-mongering imam has been deported. No foreign funded mosque, that spreads the hatred, has been closed. Not even after dead threats were issued from these organizations. But last Tuesday the Dutch government finally acted and did a big bust in Amsterdam!

When ten police officers (NL) entered the house last Tuesday, they shouted: “Now we’ve got you!” (NL). They arrested the man and searched his house and photographed everything. They finally had found the proof they were looking for, this was the anonymous cartoonist Gregorius Nekschot (Nekschot means deathblow, litt: “shot in the back of the neck”). This was the cartoonist responsible for those discriminating blasphemous anti Muslim cartoons!

During the arrest in his own house, the cartoonist was told by the police officers: “What you make, is much worse than what they made in Denmark. Do you understand what it means when you’re identity gets known?”. The officers made clear to him: he was no longer anonymous. On national television the Dutch Justice minister Hirsch Ballin (Christian Democrat) defended the arrest of the cartoonist and told that it was a good thing that his identity was finally made public.

The police interrogated the cartoonist for thirty hours (NL) for making his cartoons. This is longer than normal, Justice defended their actions by claiming that the cartoonist had "made a living from continuous insulting and hate mongering" they could have jailed him for two more days if they wanted. The police also confiscated the computer, backup disks, usb sticks and mobile phone of the cartoonist, who now cannot make any cartoons anymore.

The cartoonist is very surprised about his sudden arrest and the fact that a police force entered his house. He had no idea they were looking for him and that charges were filed against him. Yes he was anonymous, but he also published books, published in a weekly magazine and has a personal website. The police had thus plenty of ways of proving his identity and ways of contacting him. But they didn’t. Justice Minister Hirsh Ballin now claims they have searched for him for over three years. But that seems a very unlikely story. Popular Dutch weblog geenstijl.nl now reveals that police already years ago asked the hosting provider of the cartoonist for his identity (although at the time the police officers refused to hand over the required legal document for obtaining it).

The arrest is based on charged (NL) filed against the cartoonist in 2005 by a well-known Dutch Jihadist named Abdul Jabbar Van de Ven. He was not the only one who filed charges in 2005, because he was also the leader of an Internet campaign to get as many Muslims as possible to file charges against the cartoonist. Abdul Jabbar van de Ven is a Dutch convert who is well known for his hate mongering against unbelievers. With the Dutch general public he is best known for calling for the dead of Geert Wilders, right after the slaughter of Theo van Gogh, in a live TV show. He was never prosecuted for it, because according to the Dutch government this was within the limits of free speech.

The cartoonist first published his work on the website of Theo van Gogh and now has to fear for his live.

Website of cartoonist Gregorius Nekschot
(Warning: explicit content)

Update (1): Justice press release
Dutch justice department published a press release it which they claim to have found 8 cartoons that are illegal. They have directly censored them and removed them from the cartoonist website. Dutch weblog Het vrije volk has republished 7 cartoons that seems to be removed from the website.

Update (2): Justice Paul Velleman
Justice Paul Velleman had ordered the arrest of the cartoonist after he was asked to investigate the matter by the MDI (Complaints Bureau for Discrimination on the Internet). Only did the MDI not ask Paul Velleman the Justice; they asked Paul Velleman the head of the Dutch LECD (National Expertise Center against Discrimination). Paul Velleman doubles as its director and in that role he advices the police, the Justice department and is even allowed to launch investigations on his own (without charges being filed). It now seems that Paul Velleman the LECD director has asked Paul Velleman the Justice to arrest and jail the cartoonist. But there is more: Paul Velleman the director of the LECD also funds the anti-discrimination offices. Thus Paul Velleman funds the very MDI that ordered the investigation based on e-mailed complaints.

You could conclude that Paul Velleman is thus a very power full person. So power full that he even could start investigating parliamentary member Geert Wilders for producing his Fitna movie even without charges being filed. Nothing new, for Velleman, he is already for years investigating representative Geert Wilders to find any discriminating or racist deemed opinions.

But don’t think he want to just prosecute everybody. Paul Velleman did not want to prosecute the Dutch El Tawheed Mosque after charges where being filed against them. Proof was found that in the mosque it was preached and books where sold that called for violence against disobedient women and gays. Homosexuals it was advised should be thrown from high buildings with their heads down. Paul Velleman advised against prosecuting the Mosque.

Update (3): The censored Cartoons
Dutch television showed three of the ten censored cartoons of Gregorius Nekschot during an interview with the cartoonist:

3 of 10 banned Dutch Cartoons of Gregorius Nekschot

On the cartoonist website 5 images of cartoons have been removed but the original pages are still intact with a reference to the censored images (If anybody has the images or finds more broken image links on Gregorious Nekschot his website, please let me know!). These are the images I found:

(1) Ali zit best op zijn poef
Ali zit best op zijn poef - Gregorius Nekschot
Translation of the title: "Ali is sitting OK on his ottoman". Ali says in the cartoon: “The Koran does not say you have to do something back for 30 years of disablement pay, child support and rent support...”
Link to deleted image: Poef_01.gif according to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine this cartoon was published prior to 2005. The same cartoon has later been republished (Poef.gif)in a blog entry with the name: The Imam know's best on May 20, 2007

(2) Het Marokkanendrama

Translation: “Why [Dutch] Muslim youth identifies with the Palestinians”. Youth says: “a little hanging around... not going to school... never homework... provoke the police... welfare...”
The image was published March 31 2007 on his blog under the title "Maroccan tragedy", a reference to a Dutch book about the problems with Moroccans in The Netherlands (link to deleted image: Palestijnen-2.gif). The image has recently been republished at De Acht van Gregorius Nekschot.

(3) Nu ook slavernij monument voor de blanke autochthone belastingbetaler
Slavernij monument - Gregorius Nekschot
Translation of title: "Now also slavery monument for native white taxpayers". The cartoon can be found in a blog entry of February 3, 2007 (link to deleted image: Slavernijmo.gif). But according to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine the cartoon was already published prior to 2005. The same cartoon was also published in a blog entry with the name Sale! on December 5th in 2007. Then it was as a cartoon about selling the Dutch Antilles to the highest bidder (Link to deleted image: Slavernijmo_01.gif).

(4) Progressieve Nederlanders onverminderd optimistisch

Translation: man right: "Money man... Money!", man left: "And this is only yet the second generation"
The cartoon was published on his blog under the title: "Dutch progressives continue to stay optimistic". According to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine this cartoon was first published prior to April 2004, now more than 4 years ago.

On an anonymous website deachtvangregoriusnekschot.blogspot.com the 8 banned cartoons are now republished:

(5) “Moslem democratic party presents logo”
Mosim Democratische Partij presenteert logo (Gregorius Nekschot)

(6) Miss El Ouroubourou born Klapstra
Mevrouw El Ouroubourou geboren Klapstra (Gregorius Nekschot)
“The Dutch should integrate, from correctional violence you learn”

(7) The Christmas Imam wishes you blessed holidays
Imam wenst U gezegende feestdagen en.... (Gregorius Nekschot)
Imam: “and a successful 1426”

(8) Charity of Ali El Eskimo
Ali el Wakkie bedrijft Islamitische liefdadigheid (Gregorius Nekschot)
Ali Says: "It’s my duty to help this bear with his constipation"

Update (4): Arrest result of special Islam unit of Dutch government (May 20)
In parliament Minister Hirsch Ballin denied that cartoonist Nekschot was charged for insulting Islam. But at the same time he told parliament the prosecution was the result of intensified attention of his department for provocative cartoons about Islam. His justice department participated in an interdepartmental working group of the Dutch government that was started after the Danish Cartoon Riots in begin 2006. This special Islam unit (NL) was formed to prevent Danish style cartoon riots in The Netherlands and as a result his Justice department decided in 2006 to prosecute the cartoonist Gregorius Nekschot.

Although there is no legal expert in The Netherlands who thinks the cartoonist can be convicted in a court of law, the Minister kept defending the arrest in parliament. The Minister however did not defend the 30-hour incarceration of the cartoonist and promised to ‘investigate’ the matter and too ‘produce’ a letter for parliament next week.

What a fine debate. Thanks parliamentary members! Again you all did go through the required motions. Thanks!

Books with censored cartoons
Books with the cartoons can still be bought via his publisher Xtra Uitgeverij (foreign orders please contact info@uitgeverijxtra.nl):

Banned cartoons of Gregorius NekschotNekschot Schiet door (Misselijke grappen 2)
Gregorius Nekschot
ISBN 9789077766644
128 pages
13.80 euro

Also for sale at: azur.be and StripWeb.be

Banned cartoons of Gregorius NekschotNekschot (Misselijke grappen)
Gregorius Nekschot
ISBN 90-77766-25-1
160 pages
15 euro
Warning: This book contains two forbidden cartoons!

Also for sale at: azur.be and StripWeb.be

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