Dutch police goes after bloggers

Blind leading the blindThis week Dutch parliament continued the debate about the arrest of the cartoonist who made ‘forbidden’ cartoons. To me it still is a bit surreal. Imagine, getting arrested for making drawings. Not only that, also you’re house searched and sleeping in a police cell. Just for drawings. In a supposed to be liberal democracy as Holland? Today? 2008?

Anyway yesterday parliament continued it's debate about the cartoonist arrest and as was expected did only go through the required motions and did not send the Justice minister packing, let alone prosecuting him for abusing his power. Thus now parliament basically has agreed with this kind of practices against political dissenters. More can be expected and for that we don’t even have to wait.

They now go after the bloggers and political blog HoeiBoei is the first to receive a letter from the Dutch police. The anonymous blogger is summoned to come to the police station this Friday to be interrogated about some of her/his writings. The police summon does not provide any details about what specific writings this is about. But the blog could be characterized as friendly, moderate, literary and ... critical about Islam.

Blogger Dutch Concerns has more details on the latest intimidation of political discenters in The Netherlands.

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