International arrest warrant for Geert Wilders

A Jordan court has ordered the arrest of Dutch parliamentarian member Geert Wilders for making his Islam critical Fitna film. It’s expected that the kingdom is also preparing an International Interpol arrest warrant (NL) against him. Thus from now on international travel will become a very dangerous affair for the Dutch opposition leader.

The situation is especially dangerous for Wilders because the Dutch government cannot be trusted in protecting him against extradition. Because it’s the Dutch government her self who is constantly investigating how they can legally prosecute him. Jordan just seem to offer to them what they them selves are so unable to arrange legally in their own country. But rest assured, they foreign minister told the media they take the matter very seriously.

But I think a little bit more background information in this matter can explain the situation. As you know, Jordan like all Muslim nations is not a democracy. Just like Dutch Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands, Jordanian King Abdullah II is the head of the government. But unlike the Dutch Queen, he is also the chief executive and the commander-in-chief of the armed forces. He is just that tad more important that can make all the difference in effective ruling a country. The Jordanian king for example, also appoints and may dismiss all judges by decree. Hmmm.. interesting isn’t it?

There is more. Although the Dutch system is said to be much more democratic, this does not seem to stop the Dutch royal family from having very close ties with the undemocratic Jordanian royal family. To stress those close relations between the two families, Dutch Queen Beatrix had even ordered an embassy to be opened in Jordan, although there are no trade or diplomatic reasons to do so. The Netherlands is after all just a small country that does not have an embassy in each and other country. More recently Queen Beatrix had invited king Abdullah II for an elaborate state visit to the Netherlands. During the visit Abdullah assured the Dutch public that Islam and democracy are very compatible with each other. But he did not explain why he, in his own country, still held on to so much undemocratic power him selves. But maybe the statement was just a friendly gesture to queen Beatrix.

After all she is The Netherlands most powerful defender of multiculturalism. She even has criticized Geert Wilders openly...

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