Our message to the Emeral Island: Vote No!

To all citizens of the Republic of Ireland,

Tomorrow you will have an opportunity that has not been granted to any other citizen of an EU member state: to vote against that draconian 'treaty' that will de facto and de jure abolish democracy in favor of rule by comitology in Brussels. You will be able to vote against delivering 27 European peoples into the rule by an alien power. You will be able to let the voice of the people be heard.

Whether it will change anything after the cowardly, backhanded way in which the Turnip was ratified in 16 EU member states already is doubtful. But we, sad little citizens of countries whos government have already perpetrated the ultimate betrayal of freedom and democracy, look to you to speak what we think.

Please, vote 'No'. For yourselves, but also for us. All of us. For we cannot.

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