Rejected again: EU Constitution II voted down by Irish

With results from 28 of 43 constituencies in Ireland (as of 1600 hours, Amsterdam time), the Lisbon Treaty (aka, The Turnip) is being beaten by a margin of 53.6% to 46.4%.

For live results go here. EU Referendum is also live-blogging, kind of.

No doubt the Eurocrats will make hay of the low(-ish) turn out and will (want to) forge ahead regardless. But the writing is on your precious Brussels wall, my dears: Mene, mene, tekel ufarsin.

[UPDATE001 Monday 16 - 6] In the short term the Irish 'No' will of course not matter a damn, as EU Referendum explains here and here. But there is a larger meaning to this outcome.
Native populations right across Europe have been at the receiving end of a two-pronged attack from the EUrocrats/privileged elite over the past few years (decades?): 1) the strong encouragement of mass immigration between EU nations as well as from outside Europe; and, 2) the scrapping of minimum wage laws/agreements.
Go over to Hibernia Girls and read her excellent analysis, which also takes a fair stab at explaining the complete disconnect between politics and people across the EU membership.

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