The wrong lesson

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In an interview with NRO about her latest book, Shackled Warrior: Israel and the Global Jihad, Caroline Glick is asked abouther thoughts on the troubled relationship between Europe and Israel. In the process she succinctly identifies the root cause of much of what ails Europe (the continent, not the EU) in the opening decade of the 21st century:
I think that the root of Europe’s refusal to support Israel is Europe’s refusal to accept the true lessons of the Holocaust. The lesson that Europe took from the Holocaust is that nationalism is bad. This of course, is absurd. Nationalism is neutral. Its relative badness or goodness is a direct function of how any specific nation behaves. The true lesson of the Holocaust is that nations and individuals have a responsibility to distinguish between good and evil and to support good and fight evil. Israel’s struggle against its neighbors, who refuse to accept it as a sovereign state just as Europeans refused to accept Jews as individuals in the 20th century, constitutes a moral challenge to Europe. And since Europe has refused to discard its moral relativism for moral choice, Europeans project their own moral blindness and weakness on Israel.
(emphasis is mine - KV)

No further comment required, I should think. In just a few sentences Glick manages to explains everything from the EU and the Turnip to Euro dhimmitude and islamification.

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