Blogburst: Hamas sues UK blogger for telling the truth

Harry's Place is being sued by a mr Mohammed Sawalha, the President of the British Muslim Initiative, which has been linked to both Hamas and the Islamic Brotherhood. Specifically, they reported on an instance where mr. Sawalha referred to 'the Jewish Lobby', after first being quoted as speaking of 'Evil Jews'. Neoconstant is organizing a blogburst (see below). Head over there to read the whole story. Or get it at the source.

Much of the British blogosphere is up in arms. And rightly so. It is bad enough we have sub-civilized countries working towards an international arrest warrant for Western politicians they do not like very much. At least they have the high profile and connections to ensure media access and exposure.

But how is a lonely little blogger going to defend itself against a proven terrorist outfit with all the aid money the world grants these lowlifes to prop up the idea of a 'two state solution'? This is not just a UK item. This concerns all Euro bloggers and, more generally, all bloggers who still feel Western Civ is something to keep around for a little while longer.

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