Fjordman Files: July updates

[9 - 7] Taking stock of the European political landscape viz-a-vis and apropos of the more... dedicated... elements within islam, Fjordman surprises many with: A Tribute to Italy.

[3 - 7] Fjordman urges taking measures in Civil War in Sweden?

A Tribute to Italy
Civil War in Sweden?
Is Capitalism Always a Force for Freedom?
The Spanish and the Portuguese — Once and Future Dhimmis?
The Greatest Betrayal in History
The Causes of Anti-Semitism
The Strategy of Western Survivalists
A History of Medicine in the Islamic World. -- Part 2
Europe and the Indo-European Languages
Refuting God's Crucible
The Execution of Britain
European Parliament Bans Opposition
The Death Penalty For Racism?
The Causes of Anti-Semitism: Preliminary Discussions
A History of Medicine in the Islamic World. -- Part 1

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