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The hypothesis of damaging, man-made warming is a long way from being proven – and, given the recent trend in the peer-reviewed literature, is well on the way to being disproven. Recent cooling of the planet further suggests that man-made warming is at best too weak to be detected in the “noise” of natural internal variability.

Governments have naively and unwisely accepted the claims of a human influence on global temperatures made by a close-knit clique of a few dozen scientists, many of them climate modellers, as if such claims were representative of the opinion of the wider scientific community. On the evidence presented here, the IPCC’s selection of its chapter authors appears so prejudiced towards a predetermined outcome that it renders its scientific assessment of the climate suspect and its conclusions inappropriate for policy making.
John McClean, SPPI report 'Did the UN bias its attribution of "global warming" to humankind?' (pdf).

[INSTANT UPDATE] Read also this scathing criticism of the 'science' in a statement on climate change by the Royal Society of New Zealand. It was written by Dr Vincent Gray, expert reviewer of all four IPCC Assessment Reports, as a resignation of his membership of the RSNZ.

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