The final, final obstacle in the way of the Dutch ratification of the Turnip is being cleared as we speak. Approval of the 'instrument' by the First Chamber, or Senate, of Dutch parliament is expected at the end of this morning. Apart from some fringe protests by the Socialist Party and the Party for the Animals (yes, we have one of those in parliament, unfortunately), no substantial resistance to the handing over of core powers to the nameless, faceless functionaries in Brussels could be detected.

Even so, our intrepid PM, Jan Peter Balkenende, has some harsh words for all those that do not see things his way: He called criticism on not holding a referendum on the Turnip 'A pity and shameful' (NL). More specifically, he targeted the use of 'big words'.
Anyone not in favour of a referendum, like the cabinet, is portrayed as not democratic or compared to Robert Mugabe
continuing with that worn out lie:
A normal amending treaty deserves a normal approval procedure in Dutch parliament.
While it is good to see the PM being not insensitive to the criticism that he and his cabinet have been subjected to over the Turnip, it is rather regretful said criticism did not once, not for a second give him or his ministers pause. No, the comparison between the (anti-)democratic tendencies of Robert Mugabe and our present leadership is completely void of reality and thus 'shameful', while delivering the Netherlands into the hands of a foreign government is not.

Well, let me make my own observation, which may or may not be more palatable to our intrepid PM. In recent history, the last 100 years, let's say, there was only one other Dutch 'leader', who openly and against the will of the Dutch people gave our country over to a foreign power and pledged his loyalty on behalf of a population that would not do so of its own accord: Anton Mussert.

It is that striking 'coincidence' that deserves the label 'shameful'. It is the reneging on a solemn promise after the referendum and the bald-faced lie that the Turnip is anything other then the EU Constitution, with all of its inbuilt totalitarianism, that is shameful.

Or, in the short version: the mere existence of a person such as our intrepid PM within the borders of a once liberal, free-trading and democratic country. Shameful!

[UPDATE001 Tue 8 - 7] And there it is: The Netherlands ratifies EU treaty.

[UPDATE002 Tue 8 - 7] More of an afterthought, or rather: an after-wishful-thought, these words from the Plakkaat van Verlatinghe:
"God did not create the people slaves to their prince, to obey his commands, whether right or wrong, but rather the prince for the sake of the subjects (without which he could be no prince), to govern them according to equity, to love and support them as a father his children or a shepherd his flock, and even at the hazard of life to defend and preserve them.

And when he does not behave thus,but, on the contrary, oppresses them, seeking opportunities to infringe their ancient customs and privileges, exacting from them slavish compliance, then he is no longer a prince, but a tyrant, and the subjects are to consider him in no other view. And particularly when this is done deliberately, unauthorized by the states, they may not only disallow his authority, but legally proceed to the choice of another prince for their defense."

Plakkaat van Verlatinghe, or Oath of Abjuration (Dutch declaration of independence), 1581
[UPDATE003 Wed 9 - 7] Great minds think alike! BTW, EU Referendum have news of a t-shirt, the design of which I have shamelessly nicked to illustrate this post: Burn the flag! Click the picture to order one in the size of your choice.

[UPDATE004 Wed 9 - 7] For Dutch readers: Antivenin has a handy overview (NL) of political parties and fractions that voted against ratification. Keep it in mind for the time when Our Dear Lord will deliver us from this infernal government.

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