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With the growing body of evidence that Global Warming is not (and was not man-made to start with), the desperation in the 'green' camp is becoming more evident. Failing to convince the adult citizens of the (western) world, most of which evidently are more rational then the totalitarian greens had hoped, they've are now going after the children.

EU Referendum tells the tale of the energy compay nPower, that is actively recruiting your children to spy on you and, should you show undesirably non-green behavior, rat you out for "climate crimes".
In a luridly-designed website, mimicking the style of "yoof" cartoons, it offers a bundle of downloads, including a pack of "climate crime cards", urging its recruits to spy on families, friends and relatives, inviting each of them to build up a "climate crime case file" in order to help them ensure their putative criminals do not "commit those crimes again (or else)!"

Quite what the "or else!" should be is not specified, but since the "climate cops" are being encouraged to keep detailed written records (for those who can read and write), there is nothing to stop these being submitted to the "Climate Cops HQ" for further sanctions, the repeat offenders being sent to re-education camps. And for those "climate cops" that successfully perform the "missions" set (or turn in their own parents), there is the reward of "training" in the "Climate Cop Academy".
As mr. North rightly observes: This recruiting of the nations youth has a precedent in systems that were not exactly mindful of their subjects rights and freedoms. In a follow-up Richard North succinctly details why this ploy is so insidious and downright damaging to parent-child relations and society as a whole, starting with:
Firstly, the designation of certain lawful actions - desirable or not - as "crimes" is an unwholesome distortion of our moral code. It confers moral equivalency between not turning off a light and, say, shoplifting or vandalism. It seeks to impose a moral judgement on a normal activity, blurring the line between something which is lawful and something which is not. This confusion, especially when children are the focus, cannot help define and communicate our moral code, with which many children have only a distressingly limited acquaintance.

Secondly, the recruitment of children to pass judgement on their parent's "crimes" is wholly malign, not least in undermining the authority of adults.
Read also the rest.

But everything worth doing is worth overdoing. In their zeal to 'educate' the kiddies, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation made a Flash 'game' called the Prof Schpinkee's Greenhouse Calculator, which lets children calculate the amount of carbon they are using. In a rather sick and cruel twist, it also tells your children at what age they should DIE, so as not to overburden the environment.

This “kids” games at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Tell’s kids depending on their magical “carbon footprint” how long they should live?

The actual title is “Professor Schpinkee’s Greenhouse Calculator - find out when you should die!”

The thing I find amazing is the average foot print is 24.6 tonnes of CO2, which calculates out to 9.3 years old! Where it tells the child “YOU SHOULD DIE AT THE AGE 9.3!” Guess what age this kids games is marketed to? That’s right, 9 year olds.

That is the green movements approach to children in a nut-shell, isn't it? First they burden them with a heavy guilt for the mere fact that they are alive. Subsequently they are recruited to spy on their parents and family to attone for their 'sin' of being alive.

There is somewhat of a row over this in the Land of Oz, with Liberal senator Mitch Fifield saying:
"I know there's a little bit of goth in all of us, but this might be taking it just a little too far," Senator Fifield said of the quasi life-expectancy calculator.

"Do you think it's appropriate that the ABC portray the average Australian as a pig and is it appropriate for a website obviously geared towards kids to depict people who are average Australians as massive overweight ugly pigs, oozing slime from their mouths, and then to have these pigs blow up in a mass of blood and guts?"
Well yes, to your average green-guilt-ridden westerner, that is a completely appropriate and true depiction of his/her compatriots: Fat, drooling, nikulturny slobs who really should not live beyond the ripe age of 10 or 11, lest they use up the carbon credits the enviros want so badly for themselves.

I think that if you scrape away the green stuff, you will find the raging misanthrope hidden right under the surface of every and any enviro-nut...

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