Blind and deaf, we're walking into a EUnion

Your read of the day is over on Gates of Vienna, where they have a translation of an article by Søren Krarup. In the article Krarup reminds us, what has been evident about the EUnion from its very inception in the Treaty of Rome (1957): The objective is to create a European people through an ever closer union, doing away with more then 1,000 years of histories and nations.

The piece was written in reaction to Danish PM Rasmussen who , far from defending the country he swore to serve, rolled over at the first grumblings from the EUnion machine. We've reported on the Danish clash with EU 'law' here.

Head on over and read the whole thing. But here's a taster:
When the protests against the ECJ-verdict and its bypassing of Danish law reached a climax, and the Danish People’s Party — among others — urged PM Anders Fogh Rasmussen to stand fast on Danish law he just called it irresponsible because in a country of laws one has to comply with the courts.

Oh, jeez... isn’t Denmark a country of laws? Isn’t a prime minister supposed to enforce the law of the land? Isn’t this a blatant testimony to our misery here in Denmark in relation to the supra-national union, constantly binding us?

What a prime minister. A man whom I — among others — have praised as a blessing to the very country he helped reform. And then, as it turns out, he is as a humble serf of the EU, not Denmark. Proselytizing for an EU-court, not the nation he should serve as prime minister.
This may be an article particular to the Danish situation, but the Danish misery is a misery shared by all other EU member states.

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