The class of Dutch parliament

Even though our parliament is still on holidays, there is a nice scandal that has erupted over Wijnand Duyvendank, MP for GroenLinks (GreenLeft; pictured). In a rather self-congratulatory autobiography he admitted to taking part in a burglary of the Ministry of Economy, in which sensitive documents (on a nuclear energy plant that was to be built) were stolen and subsequently published.

That is bad enough, but in subsequent statements to the press he appeared unregretful of the act, saying that it was done 'for a good cause'. That an attitude like that does not have any place in a legitimate democratic institute seems to be beyond Duyvendak and his scary little party. And I am not even beginning about the fact that an MP should never, under no circumstances, have a criminal record.

[UPDATE001 Friday 15 - 8] Ding-dong, the green criminal has resigned.

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