Common Purpose?

Who are Common Purpose? On their site (there's also a Dutch chapter) they present themselves in the exact same anodyne positive language as we've come to know from all EUnion institutions. But the Tap blog links to a presentation that sheds a little more sinister light in this outfit. A google session turned up a site that is even more paranoid. Then again, even paranoids have enemies, don't they?

The list of regular speakers on the site of the Dutch chapter of CP reads like a who-is-who of the Dutch multicultural elite. The 'founding father' of the Dutch chapter is Geert Mak, for crying outloud. The course they offer seem to be about power politics only: How to identify and manipulate the 'levers of power' and how to maintain and upgrade your 'network' (that barren and strictly utilitarian surrogate for real friendships and inter-human relations).

I do not like conspiracy theories that much. They often ascribe a level of insidiousness to members of a conspiracy far beyond the capabilities of mere mortals. However, setting aside the (unproven) agenda of delivering us into the hands of communism after all, the concept of a closed, self-selecting (you don't get to join unless invited by the board of Common Purpose) and self-maintaining elite does not spell a lot of good news for a healthy, democratic, public life.

[UPDATE001 Saturday 9 - 8] The Tap is following up here. Conspiracy or not, this is not looking very ... ehmmm... wholesome?

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