On the lack of activity

Regular readers of Klein Verzet may have noticed the pace of posting has been severely degraded since April/May of this year. I've apologized for this before and I am doing it again here.

My new job is demanding to the extent that I often do not have the energy to do much more then keep up with the blogosphere. Consuming without producing, so to speak. Added to that is the insane pace of developments in the fields of interest of this blog. So much so that we often find ourselves with an agony of choice.

This blog was intended as a sort of communication line between the Netherlands and the wide world. Dutch MSM and politics, under the deadening influence of the EUnion, have become increasingly provincial, self-centred and inward-looking. In that respect, the Dutch public debate, including a goodly portion of the Dutch blogosphere, resembles an echo-chamber of narrow views on even narrower subjects. Any subject, however international its scope, is usually discussed in a rather petty Dutch-only context.

When islam is discussed, we only talk about Dutch muslims, turning a blind eye to international developments (OIC and the UN, for instance) and organisations, like the Brotherhood. When the EUnion is discussed, it is only in the context of our place within it, without anybody questioning whether this is even a system of rule we actually want, like in Denmark (and I dare say the average Dutch is completely oblivious to the constitutional crisis brewing over there). When climate change is discussed, the world-famous Dutch system of dikes and pumps are just about the only concern (after complaining about the weather, of course).

On the other hand, as a 'small' nation in some sort of a self-chosen exile from the international stage (for which I blame the entire Dutch elite of the last 40 year, who've given us over to the EUnion and its ancestors without putting up a fight), developments and news here may have broader implications. The Fortuyn and van Gogh murder and the continuing saga of Geert Wilders and his merry men/women/people taking on the entire glass bubble in The Hague (and the entire islamic world in the process) have found a much wider international audience then most Dutch realise.

This blog was intended to inform the Dutch (and a wider audience) about subjects of interest in a broader context and at the same time informing a wider audience of goings on in our small, damp corner of the world. However, the agony of choice alluded to above has lately taken the form of not making any choices at all and just stop posting.

The daily digest of stories pertinent to the intentions of this blog has lately been huge and seems to be growing still (see for instance the posting above). We usually have an opinion on all of them (yes, we are that kind of people *grin*), but the prospect of covering them all with a few pearls of (debatable) wisdom thrown in at the moment is so overwhelming that we stop before we have even truly begun. This attitude does not make for a successful blog. So we probably need some more time to rethink our blogging. I doubt that the mission of this blog will change. But the mode in which it is carried out needs adjusting.

This is a very long-winded way of telling our readership that we are still around. That this blog is not dying or dead. And that we will continue. We are just not quite sure how...

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