Predictable and inevitable

Read this jewel on This is London: Muslim council members want to ban all councillors eating in meetings until sunset during the upcoming Ramadan.
The storm was sparked by an e-mail sent to all councillors this week highlighting arrangements for Town Hall committee meetings next month, which marks the Muslim fasting period of Ramadan.

The memo said that new council leader Lutfur Rahman and his deputy, Siraj Islam, had requested that meetings be kept to a minimum to accommodate fasting councillors.

They have also urged all other councillors to resist eating until the breaking of the fast at sunset.(...)

Normally tea, coffee and sandwiches are set aside for councillors to nibble at during evening meetings.

But during Ramadan these will be reduced and complemented by special Muslim food packs containing chicken, lamb and vegetarian snacks.

But in his email, John Williams, the council's head of democratic services, said: 'It is requested that members do not partake of any refreshments until after the Iftar refreshments are served.'
And thus all councillors, whether muslim of infidel are made to observe Ramadan. Any chance they'll all attend a Christmas Eve service later this year? No, I didn't think so either.

So... How's that multicultural utopia working out for you?

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