'Refusing to shake hands can be seen as offensive'

A small update with a little unexpected common sense. I am referring to this story about the case of Mohammed Faizel Ali Enait, who was turned down for a job as Customer Relations Officer at the municiality of Rotterdam, because he refused to shake hands with women. From Dutchnews.nl:
A Muslim man was rightfully denied a job in Rotterdam because he refused to shake women’s hands, a judge ruled on Wednesday, reports news agency ANP.

The man, an orthodox Muslim, applied for a job as client manager at the Rotterdam social services department in 2005. He was denied the job because he wore a traditional Muslim outfit and refused the shake the hand of the female interviewer because of his religion.

The judge ruled that shaking hands is a common way to exchange greetings in the Netherlands: ‘Refusing to shake hands can be seen as rude or offensive,’ he said.

A client manager functions as a intermediary between the local authority and its residents so denying the man the job is therefore ‘appropriate and necessary’, the judge was reported as saying.
Are we watching the tide turning?

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