Start of the big chill

Over on EU Referendum a report that even though there is ever firmer evidence that global warming is over, our betters are still trying to put curbs on further warming.
By the time they have finished, we should be in the throes of a recognisable cooling cycle, the leading edge of which is now becoming apparent. But, with the bulk of legislators looking the other way, aided and abetted by their tranzie fellow travellers, there is no sign at all that they will be prepared for what is about to hit the world.
As EU Referendum also argues, global warming is misunderstood as harmful. It is not. Higher temperatures make for longer growing seasons, larger harvests and less energy consumption. But instead of enjoying this stretch of balmy climate (and stocking up on food stuffs) we've been made afraid of it, threatened as we were with all manner of tales of catastrophe.

And now the real problems will start. In a world that is cooling, political inertia will ensure that warming is the most pressing climatic issue for years to come, leading to ill-considered policies and measures, tailor-made for a situation that is diametrically opposed to the real facts on the ground (and in the air). Such measure will inevitably enlarge, rather then reduce, the dangers we are facing.

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