Dutch government: Bombing Iran is racism!

The real WWII racism!Dutch biggest blog Geenstijl.nl is warned (NL) by the Dutch governments Complaints Bureau for Discrimination on the Internet (MDI) because Geenstijl.nl refuses to censor a comment (NL) on it’s news website spitsnews.nl. The MDI claims that a reaction to a news message about Israel preparing to bomb Iran was offensive. The commenter had written: “Bomb them now!” a statement that the MDI censor deemed unacceptable racists.

Weblog geenstijl.nl however did not understand what was racist about the remark and refused to censor the comment from it’s website. They asked the MDI officials to clarify their position and describe what was actually racist about the comment. The weblog received this answer of the MDI:

"We have also internally discussed the comment. Eventually we concluded that according to our opinion it is nevertheless punishable by law. The call for bombing a country includes a call for violence against the people living in that country, in this case Iranian people. It’s after all not possible to bomb a country without hurting it’s inhabitants. These kind of calls are prohibited by article 137d Sr [of the Dutch criminal law]"

To clarify, Article 137 is an article that prohibits discriminatory defamation, incitement to hatred and discrimination. It was also the MDI that was involved in the arrest and incarceration of a Dutch cartoonist of which we reporter earlier.

Update: Also today in the press (NL): How Christian Democrat minister of economic affairs, Maria van der Hoeven, published in July a story on her departments public website in which she described how she recently talked with the Iranian minister about energy shipments to The Netherlands. This remarkable show of the real political position of the Dutch government was today denounced by the Dutch parliament.

Today the Dutch government also announced that the terror threat to foreign Dutch target has increased (NL). The general Dutch terror threat level stays "substantial" and that’s the second highest possible threat level possible in The Netherlands (in effect from last March when Fitna was released).

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