EUnion preparing for war

No, not against Russia. The governments of France and Germany, for all intents and purposes hostages of Russia's energy supply, made sure that the EUnion would not do anything rash. Instead the EUnion rolled over and showed it's belly at the first grumbles of the bear.

Nor is it preparing for war against Iran. Napoleons retarded little brother, President Sarkozy, was visiting Syria this week. This visit was seen as an attempt to enter into negotiations with Iran with the chinless wonder acting as a go-between on behalf of the EUnion.

France... You can always trust her to side with the enemy...

No, the EUnion is preparing for a blogwar. Not surprisingly the vast bulk of (and the most vehement) opposition to the EUnions ever more intrusive meddling is expressed in the blogosphere. And even less surprisingly: The EUnion is now seeking to curb the blogosphere. Daniel Hannan is reporting, EU Referendum has more. The EP draft report is here (pdf).

[UPDATE001] Tony Sharp has a good overview of the debate in the blogosphere here.

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