A five point plan

Helen Szamuely of EU Referendum is attending a conference on the issue of “Free Speech, Jihad and the Future of Western Civilization”. Speakers at this conference include Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Mark Steyn, Daniel Johnson, Melanie Phillips, John O’Sullivan and David Pryce-Jones. Though the conference deals mostly with the dangers to our Western society posed by 'soft jihad', Helen is not convinced that jihad, soft or otherwise, is the most direct, urgent threat we face.
A repeated theme elaborated by several speakers was the notion that the danger we are facing through soft jihad is greater than any we have faced before as neither Nazism nor Communism were so obviously ensconced in our society. There were no schools named after Lenin or St Adolph churches on street corners. Thus, our refusal to fight the jihad is liable to destroy Western civilization in a way the other two ideologies could not.

Let me, respectfully, disagree with that. The presence of mosques and madrassas (that means school) on our street corners need not be a problem as long there is a reasonable oversight as to what is taught there. No religious or educational institution is supposed to encourage people to go out and murder various others. By and large the people who attend these institutions have no power or influence in our society.
Helen proceeds with an analysis in a vein that has been somewhat of a regular feature on this blog as well. Moreover, Fjordman already two year ago diagnosed islam as a secondary infection riding piggyback on the civilizational immune deficiency syndrome we know as cultural marxism or multi-culturalism. Here's what Helen says on the issue:
At the conference Ayaan Hirsi Ali talked of soft jihad as termites. You may think your beautiful furniture is still standing but as soon as you move it there is a complete collapse – the termites have destroyed it. I am afraid it was the Communist infiltration that were the termites and the furniture that was in place and looked so nice cannot stand up to the strong movement that is being inflicted by the jihadists.

In the same way, many of us would argue that another specie of termites are the tranzis and, particularly, the European Union that is lodging in our furniture and destroying it from inside.
Read the entire post. It is long but well worth it. And not stopping at mere diagnosis, the post ends on a possible cure: A five point plan suggested by John O’Sullivan, Executive Editor of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty:
End multiculturalism and concentrate on teaching that decent British patriotism that includes a great deal of history, not forgetting that within a liberal (in the true sense of the word) Western culture there can be many divergences.

Something nasty to be done with the establishment, whose idiocy and dishonesty has, if not exactly landed us, certainly has kept us in the mess we are in. Of course, the establishment tends to be rather left-wing these days so let us not have any more nonsense about the poor underprivileged left, ranting against power structures that disappeared decades ago.

A serious reform of the police, which has become “the paramilitary wing of the Guardian”, a phrase so clever that many of us in the audience immediately made a note of stealing it.

An alteration to immigration rules that would prevent all those endless first cousin marriages to people from backward villages in the Indian sub-continent. This, needless to say, will start working towards an improvement in the situation of women in the Muslim communities.

The fifth point was the most important one as this is something we can all do immediately: resistance to foolish intellectual fashions, no matter where they come from.
My personal favorite, and the most immediately called for, I should think, is number two: 'Something nasty to be done with the establishment'.

Be that as it may, those five points bear repeating, as does the diagnosis of our current ailment. It is not islam (though it is a threat), it is 'the moral paralysis and, possibly, physical cowardice' of those that adhere to a suicidal 'belief system': Multi-culturalism. That is the problem and there lies the solution.

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