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Nothing marks the absence of any real EUnion-sceptic reporting in the Dutch MSM as the fact that we continental Saxons have to get the news of what our Brussels overlords are really doing from our brethren from across the little pond. What should be big items on the agenda of anyone who values freedom and personal sovereignty, and feature prominently on the pages of the Telegraaf en Elsevier, is simply not reported, for whatever reason.

Take for instance this tidbit from the UK Telegraph (emphasis mine - KV):
British people could be convicted in their absence by foreign courts, under proposals approved by the European Parliament.

The plans could see them immediately extradited to a European country on the basis of an "in absentia" guilty verdict in its courts for offences carrying fines or custodial sentences.

In a joint statement the Parliament said: "The EU wants to create a common area for justice, which requires the mutual recognition of criminal law judgements by member states."

The proposals, which were put forward by seven countries, including Britain, were described as "by their very nature a violation of the fundamental procedural rights of the accused" by the European Criminal Bar Association.

In a letter to MEPs, it said: "The rights of European citizens will be undermined because in absentia judgments will result in the surrender of European citizens on the basis of a judgement given at a trial in which they never had the chance to participate."
Read the whole disgusting item. The Huntsman has more, including this observation:
The tyranny which is the EU now rules in this land without the legitimacy of the consent of the British [or Dutch - KV] people. The longer that we are denied our opportunity to have our say on the EU into which our political elite has suborned us, the more rumbustious will be the spasm that eventually throws off the thrall-shackles thus placed upon us.

So much does history teach us about those who try to rule without consent.
[UPDATE001 Sunday 7 - 8] And speaking of EUnion goodness: The Times had two journalists conducting a sting operation exposing corruption in the top circles of the EUnion. Go over to EU Referendum for a short and concise version of the affair, with relevant links.

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