The problem in a nutshell

You may remember Mohammed Faizel Ali Enait from our reporting of his refusal to shake hands with women, the approval he got from the Centre for Equal Treatment (CGB) and the smack down he got from the Dutch court. Back then we reported the last item with the question: Are we watching the tide turning?

Well, we're not. Enait, a lawyer by profession, has taken to refusing to stand up when the judge enters the court room (NL). He justifies this arrogance by citing his view that all men are created equal,including judges. Hence, he feels no need to acknowledge the arrival of the judge by standing up, which is customary in Dutch courts.

Contempt of court is a part of the Dutch judicial system as well, so one would think the solution to this problem is simplicity itself. But alas: The Rotterdam court has decided Enait may remain seated if his 'deeply held religious convictions' prescribe such. The liberal conservative VVD fraction in Second Chamber is deeply offended by the courts decision, calling it 'the height of cultural relativism' and wants to end this 'madness'. They will raise the issue at question time, next Tuesday afternoon.

And that, dear reader, is the problem in a nutshell. Enait is obtuse facsimile of human life, constantly looking for a quarrel. The best, and really only, solution to the behavior of the likes of Enait is to not mind them. But he is muslim, and we are of the multi-cult, bent on selling out our own traditions in a misguided display of 'enlightenment'. Dutch customs and traditions are on sale to the lowest bidder, and one would have to make an effort to get any lower then this Enait creature.

And is this little anecdote not symptomatic for the current state of the entire Western world?

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