The spy who came in from the Riff

By now the case of the Moroccan spy in the Rotterdam police force has gained a little international attention. Jihad Watch reported the case. Gates of Vienna has some pointed commentary by fellow Lowlander VH.

The 'official' news bulletin is here (mirror). The whole case is one of panic stricken ineptitude. Elsevier reports (NL) that after this Moroccan spy was caught he was 'punished' with a desk job at Rotterdam Airport. With the approval of the Dutch intelligences and security service AIVD!

But now the authorities have been found out. And all of a sudden the decision is made to prosecute the spy from the Riff after all.
[I]f the man did actively spy for the Moroccan authorities, the public prosecution department will try to take away his Dutch passport.
Which of course should have been the first action after this cretin was found out. So why didn't such happen. Well... Pay a little attention to the last paragraph of the NIS news bulletin:
The programme suggests that the OM did not prosecute him because this could generate negative publicity about the 'multicultural society'.
Where have we heard a similar line of reasoning again? Oh yeah, I remember.

In the mean time news is coming out that the Moroccan government makes a habit of recruiting highly placed Dutch Moroccans. During an interview on the daily discussion program 'Pauw en Witteman' PvdA member of Rotterdam city council Fouad El Haji revealed that it is customary for Moroccan consulate staff to actively recruit members of parliament, local politicians and businessmen and members of the police force for the Moroccan lobby. According to El Haji (NL) the Moroccan government actively frustrates effort to integrate Dutch Moroccans to secure the flow of cash from the Netherlands (4.4 billion euros in 2006).

Be that as it may, the worrying point about this whole story is the fact that our own government apparently is not willing to protect Dutch security and interests when the multicultural mirage is at stake. That much is proven by the fact that it was only able to get off its arse after it had been found out. Hopefully this Dutch Moroccan traitor (there is just no other word for it) will get what he deserves. By which I mean a return in disgrace to his country of origin, after being stripped of his Dutch passport and being declared persona non grata.

But it must be remembered that Dutch authorities, including the AIVD, were willing to let him get away with it. Because he was Moroccan... because the multicultural puppet theater must be upheld. Fjordman might have two or three astute observations to make on the depths to which Dutch authorities have sunk. Me, I am at a loss for words. So incredibly sad...

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