Oh Canada

I have a soft spot for Canada. A life time ago I spent some time working in Ontario. Thinking of Canada conjures up memories of crisp, colourful falls, very snowy winters and coffee at Tim Horton's. Not to mention the hotdogs with relish consumed while watching the Bluejays play.

All is not well in Canada. We already know this from the tales of Ezra Levant and the lawsuits against Mark Steyn. Less known are the 'human rights' complaints brought against assorted bloggers, like Small Dead Animals and Five Feet of Fury on much the same ground: hate speech.

Now, Vlad Tepes sends word that in Canada warnings of deep infiltration by hard-line islamists into main stream political parties have come from unexpected corners:
Quebec’s new French-language anti-Islamist website, Point de Bascule – “tipping point” – sponsored a dramatic press conference in Montreal Oct. 2 on the dangers of hard-line Islamist penetration of Canada. But this was consciousness-raising with a powerful difference.

All three panelists were moderate Canadian Muslims. All three face death fatwas. And all three spoke unsparingly – some giving names and startling specifics – of the Sharia surge and stealth jihad in Quebec and the rest of Canada.
It will come as no great surprise that Canada’s social-democratic New Democratic Party (NDP) is the most accomodating. Indeed, the NDP is accused of
“hav[ing] gone to bed with Islamists, operatives of the Canadian Islamic Congress, and other organizations, such as the Council on American Islamic Relations Canada, the Muslim Student Associations in our universities, ISNA – the Islamic Society of North America … for reasons of sheer political opportunism at the expense of the security of our citizens, and defending the fundamental values of our democracy.”
Go over and read the entire thing to get a feel for just how bad things are in the Land of the Maple Leaf. Shared grief is half grief, as the (Dutch) saying goes. But one wishes the Canadians had the sense not to go the Europe way.

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