From Reuters:
France plans to propose at a meeting of big European Union countries this weekend that the bloc pursue a 300 billion euro ($424.4 billion) rescue package for the financial sector, a European government source said on Wednesday.

"France will propose at the Saturday meeting a European rescue plan with a volume of 300 billion euros," the source, requesting anonymity, told Reuters.
These are but the opening shots in the final move to bring the EUnions financial sector to EUnion heel. Not terribly surprising, given the EUnions penchant for turning any mishap into a 'beneficial crisis', but infuriating nonetheless.

Read EU Referendum for more background on this issue: A Dark and Dirty Game.

[Afterthought] And since when are decisions made between the 'big European Union countries'? Nobody told us the Turnip meant that we Dutch have been made lesser Germans or Frenchmen.

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