Refuse to play the game

An excellent, excellent post on GoV today: Taking Care of Your Own. It is a very necessary attempt at formulating an apology (in the academic sense of the word) for not letting ourselves be led like lambs to the slaughter by muslims and multi-cultists alike.

But the centre of maximum pressure, where coal is turned into a small diamond, is where this practical advise is given:
As an old hippie, my natural tendency is to resort to gonzo scripture and quote Ken Kesey:
You’re playing their game…. There’s only one thing to do…. and that’s everybody just look at it… and turn your back and say… “f**k it.”
In other words, the racism gig is only effective if you buy into it. If you refuse the assignment — if you deny the validity of the conceptual framework behind the accusation — then you can see it for the phantasm that it truly is, and it will disappear.
If ever there was sensible advise in these the opening years of the 21st century... The only winning strategy in the racism 'game' is to not play.

[UPDATE001] And the inevitable accusations of naked RACISM (tm) are in. Read it here, along with the Barons thoughtful answer.

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