Voting for them never more

The Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA) is Christian in name only (ChrINO?). Rather then defend their faith and culture from the decidedly malign influences Islam has on our society, they ignore and downplay these effects while blaming the messengers.

Coming from a family that has always been staunch supporters of the CDA, I have stopped voting for them for some years now. Basically because the CDA is not christian in particular, or morally principled in general. Its actions are completely ruled by power politics and are void of any moral consciousness and responsibility to the people and country they claim to 'serve'.

This item today serve to illustrate by feeling of utter disgust for what used to be a comfortable political home:

CDA Introduces Islamic Prayer before Party Meetings
"Allah praising and extolling, for his qualities so unique, with godly reflection time after time, shall I call on you, Lord, O Lord!"
This bit of hair-raising poetry comes to us by ex-candidate MP Ayhan Tonca, who was featured on this blog before.
Ayhan Tonca(NL), for instance, is chairman of the Islamic Foundation Netherlands, an extension of the Turkish ministry for religious affairs Dinayet that manages mosques in the Netherlands. He has called for legislation on religiously insulting language, said of the Danish Mo-toons: 'It is impermissible to use the prophet Mohammed in a cartoon' and 'They incite radicals to attack western society' (as if that were a completely normal reaction). More recently Tonca was critical of the Popes lecture in Regensburg. Condemnation of the violent reactions to both the Mo-toons and the Popes Regenburg Lecture was not something heard from mr. Tonca.
The 'rationale', such as it is, is provided by CDA spokesman Jo-Annes de Bat.
It is a common CDA tradition to open meetings with a meditation. But we noticed that branches sometimes found it difficult to find an appropriate text.
What is so difficult about this? You purport to be a Christian party. I am not completely in love with the idea of a party dedicated to creating Gods paradise on earth, especially where it involves curtailing a subjects God-given freedom for 'the greater good'. But still: Shouldn't a Christian party stay true to its name or else just change it?

Have they finally gone completely off their rockers? This episode just illustrates the path of vacuous 'spirituality' the ChrINOs of the CDA have chosen in their quest for political power. And voting for them I shall never more.

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