Will we draw a line anywhere?

Every once in a while you read something that leaves you no option but to hang your head in shame. Almost mortal shame even.

Today it came out that on Saturday(!) a 20 year old orthodox Jew was assaulted (NL) by two Moroccans. The man, recognizable by his yarmulke, was called a 'kankerjood' (pretty much the Dutch equivalent of 'fucking jew'). When he asked the two what their problem was, they assaulted him. Even after being floored, the two continued kicking into him.

That in itself is a sad, sad commentary on the state of the Netherlands in general, and of Amsterdam (traditionally rather proud of the Jewish influence on the city) in particular. But what causes a raging feeling of shame is not this event, despicable as it is, but the aftermath.

When the victim wanted to report the crime at the police station of Buitenveldert, he was turned away by the officers on duty. Supposedly, when he arrived at the station there had just been an armed robbery and all(!) officers were occupying themselves with it. The Buitenveldert precinct has stated that apologies have been made to the victim, but he in turn denies having received any word from Buitenveldert.

No word yet whether the scum wearing our Majesty's uniform that Saturday in Buitenveldert have been fired. Being a police officer is a job for which they evidently do not qualify.

This sad affair leaves me with a question: Will we, our authorities, but us civilians as well, draw a line over which nobody shall cross? Anywhere? Or have we truly given up on our own country? And if we have, can we then please dispense with the sanctimonious WW2 comparisons, because apparently we failed to learn a lesson or two from those five occupied years (Yes, Mayor Cohen, I am very insistently looking at you).

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