The art of overdoing it

In the run-up to the already infamous Durban 2 conference, it seems that the United Nations is about to hand over the keys to the Organisation of Islamic Countries OIC. In a complete betrayal of every lofty idea the UN was founded on, it has published a "Draft Outcome Document for the Durban
Review Conference 2009", in which 'islamophobia' and 'defamation of religion' is condemned in words that have no bearing whatsoever on reality. From World Evangelicals: The OIC & the UN: Islamophobia and "defamation of religion".
It is clear from the draft document, as well as from reports emanating from the subsequent 63rd UN General Assembly meeting held in Geneva during the first week of November, that a central focus of Durban II will be "Islamophobia", which is being presented as "a new form of racism".

Muslims, the draft declaration asserts, are at dire risk of a racial "holocaust" due to "a new form of racism" -- "Islamophobia" -- which is incited through "defamation of Islam".

The draft declaration recommends that local, national and international laws and human rights covenants be reviewed and amended as necessary so that "defamation of Islam" is made a criminal offence, losing the protection it has long enjoyed under the "pretext" of "freedom of expression, counter terrorism or national security". It recommends that legal instruments be established to punish offenders -- that is, those who "defame" Islam by associating it with violence, human rights abuses or terrorism.
Muslims around the world at 'dire risk of a racial holocaust'? Well yes, who does not know about the multitude of muslims driven out of Iraq and the Palestinian territories because of their faith? The many terrorist attacks by Indian Hindus against mosques and muslims or the ethnic cleansing that the muslims of Sudan are subjected to at the hands of Christian and animistic militias? Who does not remember the Israeli president calling for Shia Iran to be wiped off the map?

Oh wait...
Anne Bayefsky, a York University professor and human rights lawyer who
attended the Second Preparatory Session in Geneva, warns: "This is the new dimension of Durban 2, which in many ways makes it a greater threat than Durban 1. It's really setting up a war of ideas, that has rough implications, between Islamic states and everybody else. . . . Durban 1 was called an assault on Israel; a demonisation of Israel as racist and analogous to Apartheid South Africa. But in addition, Durban 2 is an assault on freedom of expression and other essential democratic rights and freedoms."
I'll say... But what is really infuriating is the fact that nobody seems to have protested the over-the-top wording of the Draft Declaration. If ever there has been a moment for the civilized world to intervene in the strongest possible terms, it was the issuing of this atrocious Draft Declaration. By rights this farce should have made headlines around the world.

The Durban II conference seems to be on track to become the final destruction of the UNs reputation as an organisation dedicated to human values. Instead it has sided with the perpetrators of an infinite number of atrocities against human life and dignity, both great and small, in condemning the victims and those that try to stand up against naked thuggery and barbarism. The founding ideas of the UN have seized to be. Instead we seem to be dealing with a corrupt organisation engaged in raw power play.

It's time to pull the plug, withdraw membership and keep the hefty fees that go with it. The UN has failed. Spectacularly.

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BTW, you can sign a petition urging your country and the EUnion to boycott the Durban 2 conference and to push forward a comprehensive reform of the United Nation’s Human Rights Council. I strongly encourage doing so.

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