Do not believe your lying eyes

The French media is ablaze with a scandal involving Éric Zemmour (p), a famous (in France) right-wing journalist. He took part in a discussion on 'métissage' (mixed families and mixed heritage) for the program "Impertinente" on the notoriously multi-cul broadcaster Arte. During the discussion one of the guests denied oh so correctly that races to not exist. Zemmour argued that a discussion on 'métissage' doesn't make a whole lot of sense, if the premise is that races do not exist. Challenged by other guests Zemmour had the temerity to maintain that human races do exist (FR):
I have the feeling that the emphasis on race during the Nazi period and before was succeeded by the total denial of races. And that is I think just as ridiculous. Does that mean that [race] does not exist? One sees clearly that it does.
One of the guests, Rokhaya Diallo, of Senegalese descent, quizzed Zemmour on how races could be distinguised, to which he answered 'by the colour of their skin, at its simplest'. When miss Diallo protested indignantly, Zemmour committed the faux-pas of using plain old observation, rather then ideology, to make a point:
But evidently I belong to the white race and you to the black race.
Note that no value judgement was attached to this observation. He just reported what his eyes told him.

And now he must be hanged... French 'SOS Racisme' is 'outraged'. There is a plethora of opinion pieces and articles condemning Zemmour for his sincerity, calling for his dismissal from Le Figaro and basically for him to be cast outside, where there is much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

There's too many to do a good overview. But as a shining example I'll give you Bruno Roger-Petit. He is earnestly calling for 'la justice du système médiatique' in Le Post: the justice of the MSM. Trial, conviction and execution by TV, basically. The same MSM that was so neutral and unbiased during the US elections, to give but one example. Zemmour doesn't stand a chance, it would seem. And who said public executions are a thing of the past?

The moral of this story is obvious: What once started as the noble aim of ensuring equality before the law, regardless of sex, colour or creed has degenerated into a hyper-correct ideology in which subjects are forced to deny what is in front of them, what their eyes tell them, on pain of public and professional death... Who are you gonna believe, us race-mongers or your lying eyes?

Once upon a time France was a leader in the Enlightenment, using ratio as a central guiding principle. Watching the irrational lynching of a man who reports what he sees, one must conclude the France of that era is obviously is dead.

(Thanks to bdsouche, who also points to PI for a report in German)

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