Fjordman Files: November updates

[28 - 11] Two new files today (thanks to GoV for the head up): On EuropeNews: A History of Medicine, part 5. And on Atlas Shrugs: The History of the Calendar.

[20 - 11]
On Gates of Vienna: A History of Medicine, Part 4

[18 - 11] Not exactly an FF update, but nevertheless: Defeating Eurabia is out in print. You can order your copy via

[14 - 11]
On Gates of Vienna: The West and Global Mathematics.
Perhaps the simplest explanation for why the Scientific Revolution happened in Europe is because the language of nature is written in mathematics, and Europeans did more than any other civilization to develop — or discover — the vocabulary of this language.

[11 - 11]
On Atlas Shrugs: A History of the Indo-European Languages.
Whenever I get tired of Islam, which happens increasingly often, I read about some other topic which I find fascinating. Lately, I've concentrated on the history of the Indo-European language family and why it spread in the first place. I will tell some of the tale here, with emphasis on Persian, Sanskrit and especially Greek.
[10 - 11] On Brussels Journal: Stained Glass: A European History
The Roman legacy of glassmaking survived after the fall of the Roman Empire and was carried in different directions. Under the influence of Christianity, the introduction of glazed windows, particularly in churches, and the further development of painted and stained glass manufacture was one of the most decorative uses.
[8 - 11] Two new FFs today. First, there's an update to Part I of Defeating Eurabia, Fjordman's blog-book: The Eurabia Code — 2008 Updates. The entire series, including this update, can be found on the Fjordman Files.

Second, there's a brand new piece up at Dhimmi Watch: Islam, the West and Our "Shared Heritage"
Hardly a week goes by without somebody claiming that Muslims and Westerners have a "shared cultural heritage." I strongly object to this claim. The only "shared history" Europeans have with Muslims is being at the receiving end of more than 1300 years of Jihad warfare. The re-writing of Western history has become so bad that even playwright William Shakespeare has been proclaimed a closet Muslim.

The History of the Calendar
A History of Medicine, part 5
A History of Medicine, Part 4
The West and Global Mathematics
A History of the Indo-European Languages
Stained Glass: A European History
Islam, the West and Our "Shared Heritage"
The Eurabia Code — 2008 Updates
Barack Hussein Obama and the Triumph of Marxism
A History of Medicine in the Islamic World. -- Part 3
The Eurabia Code (2008)
Nobel Peace Prize Awarded for Appeasement of Jihad
Sweden: The Triumph of Cultural Marxism
The Anti-Racist Witch-Hunts
Ten Reasons to Get Rid of the European Union

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