The Gap Between Islam and the West

Via Gates of Vienna, your read of the day. It's a lecture by famous Dutch Arabist Hans Jansen (of 'Islam for pigs, apes, mules and other beasts' fame) given to the Utrecht Alumni Association. GoV correspondent VH translated the entire lecture into English for all to enjoy.
I want to remind you that in the Koran, hatred spatters the pages. I bring you bad news. But to say that I am the hatemonger is turning the thing around. If only the problem were with me, it would have been rapidly resolved.
It is a thoughtful lecture, patiently laying out its argument, comparing Bible to Koran and Islam to Christianity, taking a closer look at the meaning of Jihad in the faith of Muslims the world over and arriving at some inescapable conclusions.
Ladies and Gentlemen! The end is near. Islamic tradition asserts that Mohammed said man Zafirtum bihi min rijaal al-yahuud, fa-qtuluuh, “Kill every male Jew that falls in your hands.” A culture or religion that does not distance itself from statements of such bloodthirstiness can only hope to collect what it wishes on others. Who will win the battle? It looks good for Islam, but it’s still a bit too early to start predicting.
Read it all, up to and including the 'toast' that concludes the lecture.

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