Voting for them never more II

The Dutch Christian Democrat leadership has completely lost its way, it seems. A recent study performed by Arie Oostlander, former head of the scientific bureau of the CDA, concludes that islam can be a source for fostering democracy. Not only that, but sharia law can play a role in this process, according to Oostlander c.s.
Oostlander strongly opposes what is known as the secularisation premise, which claims that democratic development benefits from reduced religious involvement. "I take a strong stand against the idea that Islam is incompatible with democracy. This premise plays into the hands of extremist groups. Islam can provide a basis for promoting the democratic constitutional state," Christian newspaper Nederlands Dagblad quoted him as saying.
In what way islam is supposed to do this the article doesn't state, but recently the CDA seems to have adopted thinking happy thoughts as a guiding policy principle. To wit:
The West, Oostlander maintained, must try to link up with religious groups in Muslim countries that are open to democratic developments.
That would be groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, Fatah and other sources of democratic principle, presumably. Good luck with that...
He said he did not wish to be "naïve" about this, because there are also extremist groups that do not eschew violence. But space can be created for the sharia. "Not everything stated in the sharia is bad. We should be prepared to take part in discussion about this."
This would seem to be a tacit admission that there are one or two aspects about sharia law that are ... unfortunate. So, why would the CDA adopt this body of 'law' as a source for future legislation in the Netherlands? And anyway, the basic, most fundamental principle of sharia law is the distinction made between believer and infidel. Not to mention the distinction between the sexes. How does adopting regulation from a system that at its core is at odds with 'equality before the law' make a democratic constitutional state. The more you think it over, the more absurd the idea becomes.

Fortunately, the Dutch FM Maxime Verhagen very delicately told the press what he thought of Oostlanders notion:
Where the sharia is concerned, Verhagen maintained that "there must never be any excuse for stoning women to death" or killing homosexuals.
Let's hope we can hold him to that...

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[UPDATE001] Dhimmi Watch also picked up this story, under the title: Dutch Christians for sharia law. Speaking as a Christian myself: Not all of them, mr. Spencer, not all of them...

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