And a merry Christmas to all...

Today is Christmas Eve. We at KV will be away visiting family and friends, enjoying good food, good wine and excellent company. And, of course, an old-fashioned, soul-nurturing Midnight Mass in mrs. KV's 'home church'.

Needless to say that KV is on hiatus. Probably until the new year that awaits us beyond the 31st of December of the year that was 2008. Time away from the blogs and a time to focus the mind on the positive aspects of life: Family, friends and faith.

And so we bid you all a very merry Christmas, and hope you will spend it with the food, drink and company you enjoy best. And instead of leaving you with a romanticized vision of Christmas as we did last year, we'll leave you with The Priests celebrating Christmas in a manner in which the original Christmas story intended.

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