EUnion 'democracy' this week

If anything, this week was the week in which the EUnion, once again, demonstrated in it's actions, what exactly they mean when they use words like 'freedom' and 'democracy'.

Most obvious this was demonstrated yesterday, the day when Wilders had planned to screen Fitna in the European Parliament on the initiative of the UK Independence Party: Fitna banned in EP (Brussels Journal has the press release by Gerards Batten MEP).

This reluctance to offer Geert Wilders a chance to infuse a sobering dose of realism into the EP is all the more jarring, given the fact that earlier this year that same EP greeted with a standing ovation the address by the Grand Mufti of Syria threatening violence and death should Fitna ever be released.

Arguably less urgent, and certainly much less reported, was the treatment Czech president Vaclav Klaus received at the hands of the 'council of presidents', meaning the chairs of the different fractions in the toy EP. We posted a transcript of the scandalous affair here.

Tiberge of Galliawatch shares an interesting tidbit, revealing that this whole affair was in fact an ambush planned and executed by the EUrocrats:
Now, what is important to note, above all, is that this meeting not only allowed Daniel Cohn-Bendit the chance to be grossly provocative, but that the meeting itself was set up as a provocation, on the eve of the Czech presidency of the European Union, to discredit Vaclav Klaus and to show him as an irresponsible paranoiac.

It's well-known that if you want to drown your dog, say that he has rabies.

This provocation was not set up by Cohn-Bendit, but by the very respectable, dignified and very Catholic Hans-Gert Pöttering.

That is what the text reveals. Hans-Gert Pöttering used two acolytes, like a Mafioso who punishes a reluctant merchant with two of his henchmen. The heavy was Cohn-Bendit, but also Brian Crowley, who is at least as insolent.
Thus is appears that the whole thing was designed to itimidate president Klaus into acquiescence ahead of the Czech presidency of the EU. Christopher Booker weighs in, drawing the ultimate conclusion from this affair:

This bizarre confrontation, which has been recounted and discussed with shock across formerly Communist eastern Europe, confirms the inability of the Euro-elite to accept that anyone holds different views from their own, on Lisbon, global warming or anything else. As we see from the way our own political parties are run, when it comes to "Europe", the system has no place for opposition. Everything must be decided by "consensus", directed from the top. There is only one approved "party line". Apart from a few little powerless dissidents round the edges, the EU is thus in essence a one-party state.

It was a sense of this that powerfully influenced the French, Dutch and Irish people, when they were given the chance, to vote against the constitution which will cement that one-party state into place more firmly than ever. And it explains why, last week, the European Council told the Irish that they must hold their referendum again, on the understanding that this time they will get it right. That is the way one-party states behave – as President Klaus, who lived under one for the first 50 years of his life, knows only too well.

But the final demonstration of teh staggering hypocrisy of our ruling set of EUrocrats comes from Daniel Hannan,who relates to us the reaction of the EP president Pöttering, when several MEP's made an issue of the less then dignified way in which members of the EP had engaged president Klaus:

At the opening of this morning's session, I invited the acting Speaker to declare, in the light of these exchanges, that the European Parliament valued all democratic points of view, including those opposed to the Lisbon Treaty, and that it respected the office of the presidency of the Czech Republic. He declined to do so.

A few minutes later, Nigel Farage, the UKIP leader, rose to make a similar point. He reminded the Speaker, Hans-Gert Pöttering, that, when 14 MEPs were fined for demanding a referendum in the chamber, the stated reason was that they had misbehaved in the presence of a national leader: José Sócrates of Portugal. Yet when Cohn-Bendit and others behaved with outrageous boorishness to another national leader, Hans-Gert not only ostentatiously declined to restrain them, but joined in, upbraiding the Czech leader for daring to mention Communist Czechoslovakia (the complete transcript is available at the splendid EU Referendum blog).

As Nigel sat down, the irritating little socialist leader Martin Schulz, who recently complained that supporters of a referendum resembled Nazis, leapt to his feet. It was scandalous, he said, that the transcript had been published. Such meetings were traditionally secret. In disclosing what had been said, the Czech Republic had not behaved like a democracy.

Got that? To put into practice the EU's much-invoked commitment to democracy is undemocratic! You see how these people think.

I really don't know what could be a clearer demonstration of the true nature of the EU political project. It is high time that ordinary citizens around Europe sit up and take notoce of the self-appointed do-gooders, leechers and hangers-on that have placed themselves over us. And do something about it!

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